Prof Admire Dube (Research Group Leader)

Admire Dube is a pharmaceutical scientist and Associate Professor in Pharmaceutics at the School of Pharmacy, University of the Western Cape (UWC). He is a pharmacist by training and holds a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Monash University Australia, and post-doctoral training in nanomedicine from the University at Buffalo, USA. He previously held a position as Senior Researcher at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research in Pretoria where he was involved in commercializing nanoparticle delivery systems for drugs used in malaria and tuberculosis. His research group at UWC focuses on the application of nanoparticles towards the treatment of tuberculosis, especially to achieve immunotherapy, targeted drug delivery and/or access across biological barriers. He has published several articles on nanomedicine in high impact factor journals and supervised several postgraduate students. He has a personal desire to see the first nanomedicine commercialized from Africa.

Dr. Sarah D'Souza

Dr. Sarah D’ Souza is currently a postdoctoral researcher in the Dube Lab at the School of Pharmacy at the University of the Western Cape (UWC), South Africa. Her research investigates functionalized nanoparticles that modulate the immune system as novel therapies for the infectious disease, tuberculosis. She is a chemist by training with a PhD from Rhodes University in the field of phthalocyanines and nanoparticles. Her research interests involve the use of nanoparticles for infectious diseases. Sarah is also passionate about Science Outreach for the youth.

The Research Group includes several Masters and PhD students pursuing projects involving nanoparticles and the treatment of infectious diseases.